Aïe : Privé de désert

Demi-tour Droite. Retour à Sholihull.

Demi-tour Droite. Retour à Sholihull.

Malheureusement, les sélectionnés du G4 challenge 2009 ne verront pas le désert Mongole de si tôt, la marque annulant l’évènement pour se concentrer sur le lancement de nouveaux produits

Voici les explication du Boss de LR (in English sir):

The Land Rover G4 Challenge will no longer provide a « Lasting Human Legacy. » Why? Because it’s been cancelled. If you need a reason that an 18-month-long event with trials in 18 nations for folks vying for a three-week jaunt through Asia has been killed, your hint is ‘train wreck economy.’ It’s no surprise, after the company has cut production, bowed out of the Detroit Auto Show, and asked the British government for £1 billion to keep the machinery running. Instead, the company will focus on product launches and creating other ways to reach consumers. If there is any silver lining about another cool motoring event being relegated to the dustbin of history, it’s that when car makers are in the money again we expect to have a pile of brand new cool auto events to announce. Or not…


Land Rover has today confirmed that it will cancel the Land Rover G4 Challenge program in order to focus more on product launches in 2009.

« Given the severity of the global economic downturn and trading conditions, we need to make some tough decisions and that means prioritizing our budgets on new product launches. We are disappointed for the competitors who have shown so much commitment and put tremendous effort into succeeding as representatives of their nation. We have and will continue to take swift and decisive actions for the benefit of the business; unfortunately that means the Land Rover G4 Challenge has to come to an early close, » said Phil Popham, Managing Director Land Rover.

Popham continued: « We want to thank the suppliers and sponsors who formed an integral role in the Challenge to date. The Challenge played a part in bringing the adventurous spirit of our brand and products to life. We will continue to look at other opportunities which will enable us to engage with our customers and reach new audiences. »

A key part of the Land Rover G4 Challenge was its commitment to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The Challenge was utilized as a fund generating activity for the charity, with the aim of generating £1million over the course of the next two programs. Despite cancelling the Challenge, Land Rover remains committed to this partnership.

Paul Jenkins, speaking on behalf of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said: « The International Federation’s partnership with the Land Rover G4 Challenge has already had a substantial impact on the lives of vulnerable people in many countries and we are well ahead of the targets we set. We highly value the support we have received and look forward to strengthening relationships between Land Rover and national Red Cross Red Crescent Societies around the world. »

« This relationship is something Land Rover highly values and we are proud that it helps to save lives. We will continue to build on the incredibly successful partnership we have with the International Federation and the funds generated to date prove this success, » said Popham.



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